Giant Robot
Welcome to Bucketheadland
I Come in Peace
Buckethead's Toystore
Want Some Slaw? ~ Aquabot
Binge and Grab
Binge and Grab (solo)
Onions Unleashed
I Love My Parents
Buckethead's TV Show
Pirate's Life for Me
Post Office Buddy
Pure Imagination ~ Star Wars
Last Train to Bucketheadland

Monsters and Robots
Jumpman ~ Stick Pit
Ballad of Buckethead
Ballad of Buckethead (solo)
Revenge of the Double Man
Night of the Slunk ~ Who Me?
Jowls ~ Stun Operator ~ Scapula
Shape vs. Buckethead
Nun Chuka Kata

Deli Creeps demos
Random Killing ~ Shadows
Bend Up ~ Bend Up (solo)
Can I Have a Ride? ~ ???

Dawn of the Deli Creeps
Can I Have a Ride?

Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot
Ghost Host ~ Asylum of Glass
Stretching Lighthouse
Hall of Scalding Vats
Killing Cone ~ Bloodless
I Can Only Carry 50 Chickens at a Time

Giant Robot NTT
Hog Bitch Stomp
Scraps (tab) ~ Scraps (score)
Scapula ~ Giant Robot
Well Well Well

Funnel Weaver
The Blind Centipede ~ R.I.P.
Kurtz Temple ~ Jessy
Death Card ~ Sky Drones
Sleeper Agents ~ The Blind Sniper
5 Card Trick ~ Stub Pylons
Bantam Rising ~ F-4 Phantom
Armour Piercing Projectile

Crime Slunk Scene
King James ~ Soothsayer
Mad Monster Party
Buddy Berkman's Ballad

Mortal Kombat soundtrack
Goro vs Art

Bill Laswell Points of Order
Staple Nex

Skin Cracked Kanals

Great Jewish Music:
A Tribute to Marc Bolan
20th Century Boy

Day of The Robot

Pieces I Need Five Minutes Alone
Twice With The Sledge
I'll Wait

Bucketheadland II
Frozen Brains Tell No Tales
Carpal Tunnel Tomb Torker
Digger's Den
Bloody Rainbow Spiraling Sherbert Scoop
Machete Mirage

Flesh for the Beast soundtrack
Flesh for the Beast

Secret Recipe DVD
Count Scapula
John Merrick Lectures

Young Buckethead DVD
Tubular Bells
X Files Theme

songs played live...
Enter the Dragon
Fountains of the Forgotten
Halloween Theme
Halloween Town
Haunted Mansion
Mr. Sandman
Nottingham Lace
Sultan's Massacre
When You Wish Upon a Star

the following tabs are on the request list
and will be posted as soon as they are available

Mrs. Beasley ~ Home Run Derby Main Theme
Slaughter Zone ~ Revenge Wedge
Chicken and a Severed Hand ~ Tribal Rites
Death that Sleeps in Them ~ Last Rites
Final Reparation ~ The Funeral
Buckethead's Chamber Of Horrors
Robot Transmission ~ Sally
Sterling Scapula ~ Phantom Lights
Park Theme (solo) ~ Steel Wedge
Clown Smile ~ Baptism of Solitude
Yoshimitsu's Den ~ Sow Thistle (with solo)
The Cobra's Hood ~ Disembodied
Ghosts of Mars ~ Agent ~ Hanging Gallows
Danyel ~ Jack the Ripper ~ Thai Noodles
Population Override ~ Corpse Plower
I Come in Peace (solo) ~ 7th Hall 6th Door
Fall of Troy ~ Earth Heals Herself
Dirty Sperm Rag ~ Firin' Pin ~ Burlap Curtain
Witches on the Heath ~ Bone Apetit
Lobotomy 1 & 2 ~ Wasteland
Arc of the Pendulum
Kick Ass (Ghosts of Mars soundtrack)
Too Many Humans ~ Woods of Suicides
Beware of the Holding Funnel (solo)
Music Box Innards ~ Cobra's Head
Brewer in the Air ~ The Treeman
Forbidden Zone ~ Clones
Yellowed Hide ~ Inferno ~ CS-118
Descent of the Damned
from Dawn of the Deli Creeps...
Chores ~ Grandpa Bill
She Sells Sea Shells by the Slaughterhouse
Spokes for the Wheel of Torment
anything from 'Cuckoo Clocks of Hell'
Droid Assembly ~ Gigan
Big Eyeball In The Sky ~ Junior
Tyranny of the Hunt ~ Ignorance is Bliss
The Game of Death ~ Mustang
Earth Heals Hersefl ~ Three Fingers
In Search of Inbred Mountain
Waiting Hare ~ Datura
anything from 'Axiology' or 'Thanotopsis'
full tabs for Electric Tears and Colma
full tab for Spell of the Gypsies
full tab for Padmasana
Notorious Swade ~ Desert ~ Super Humans
Coma ~ Oakridge Cake ~ Chicken Boy
Cruel Nature of Reality Dream Girl ~ Baptism of Solitude
The Hand ~ Whatevas ~ Running from the Light
Bedlam's Bluff ~ What Kind of Nation
Carpal Tunnel Slug ~ Cannibal Holocaust
Rooster Landing 1st Movement
Android of Notre Dame ~ Rack Maintenance
Carpal Tunnel Tomb Torker ~ Hell Citadel
Killing Mask ~ Prolix Mood
Lime Time ~ Saturn by Praxis
Exit 209 ~Bird with a Hole in the Stomach
Unemployment Blues ~Stun Pike
Ganyru Island ~ Diabolical Minds
Electronic Sleight of Hand
Frankensuess Laboratories
Jack in the Box Head ~ Slapatron
A Time for Us (Romeo & Juliet Theme)
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Sail On Soothsayer ~ Edward Martin

Bucketheadland (disc 1)
Park Theme ~ Giant Robot Theme
Giant Robot vs Guillatine
Hook and Pole Gang ~ Phantom Monk
Computer Master ~ Funeral Time
Nosin' Part 2 ~ Gorey Head Stump
Wonka in Slaughter Zone

Bucketheadland (disc 2)
Baseball Buddy ~ Giant Robot Theme
Guillatine Battle ~ Park Theme

Whitewash ~ For Mom ~ Ghost
Hills of Eternity ~ Big Sur Moon
Machete ~ Wishing Well
Lone Sal Bug ~ Sanctum Wondering
Watching the Boats with My Dad
Ghost/Part 2 ~ Colma

Somewhere over the Slaughterhouse
Help Me ~ My Sheetz
Somewhere over the Slaughterhouse
Conveyor Belt Blues
Pinbones and Poultry

Arm Torn Off By A Train
Pigs are People Too
Spot the Psycho
Mushroom Workers
Vegetable Man

Praxis - Transmutation
Crash Victim/Black Science Navigator
Seven Laws of Woo
Interface Stimulation Loop
Animal Behavior
The Interworld and the New Innocence
Godzilla Theme

Praxis - Metatron
Wake the Dead ~ Meta-Matic
Warcraft ~ Turbine ~ Skull Crack

Praxis - Sacrifist

Praxis - Warszawa

Cobra Strike The 13th Scroll
The 13th Scroll ~ Water Ceiling
Braingate ~ Torture Tunnel
32nd Degree ~ Buried Alive

Cobra Strike II
Spider Crawl
Beware Of The Holding Funnel
False Radien Cross
Poison Wind
Traitor's Gate

Bermuda Triangle
Sea of Expanding Shapes
Flight 19 ~ 911

Electric Tears
The Way to Heaven ~ Sketches of Spain
Padmasana ~ Electric Tears
All In The Waiting ~ Kansas Storm
Spell of the Gypsies ~ Angel Monster

Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
Final Wars

Death Cube K Dreamatorium
Maggot Dream

The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell
The Escape Wheel
Pylegathon ~ Black Forest
Beaten with Sledges

The Big Eyeball in the Sky
Scott Taylor

The Island of Lost Minds
Shock Therapy Side Show

Population Override
... ~ Humans Vanish
Unrestrained Growth
A Day Will Come

Enter the Chicken
Botnus ~ We Are One
Nottingham Lace ~ Funbus

Inbred Mountain
Plastination Station ~ Lotus Island

Pepper's Ghost
Pepper's Ghost ~ Magua's Scalp
Goblin Shark