from Praxis 'Metatron'

tabbed by Charles Montoya

E |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||
B |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||
G |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||
D |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------||
A |--2--3-2223-6~--|--2--3-2223-6---|-2-3-2223-------|----------------||
E |--0--1-0001-4~--|--0--1-0001-4---|-0-1-0001-4h5p4h5p4h5p4h5p4h5----||

this is basically the whole riff, this song really isn't hard at all

add fills such as Pirates Life For Me, When You Wish Upon a Star, etc.
in between the main riff to spice up the song, or have your bassist
or drummer solo during the breaks if you're playing this song live