recordings that Buckethead appears on the titles for more info
on the pages of listings, the cover art is linked to an online point of purchase when available
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Giant Robot (self-released tape)
Bucketheadland Blueprints (demo tape)
Giant Robot
The Day of the Robot
Monsters and Robots
KFC Skin Piles
Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse
Funnel Weaver
Bermuda Triangle
Electric Tears
Bucketheadland 2
Island of Lost Minds
Population Override
The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell
Inbred Mountain
The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock
Crime Slunk Scene
Pepper's Ghost
In Search of The
Acoustic Shards
Cyborg Slunks
Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot
From the Coop
Albino Slug
Slaughterhouse on the Prairie
A Real Diamond in the Rough
Forensic Follies
Needle in a Slunk Stack
Shadows Between the Sky
Spinal Clock
Captain EO's Voyage
It's Alive
Empty Space
3 Foot Clearance
Underground Chamber
Look Up There
Electric Sea
Balloon Cement
Buckethead and Brain
Kevin's Noodle House
Best Regards
Kind Regards
Brain as Hamenoodle
Buckethead and Travis Dickerson
Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles II
Left Hanging
Buckethead, Travis, and Brain
The Dragons of Eden
Buckethead and Friends
Enter the Chicken
Cobra Strike
13th Scroll
Y, Y + B, X + Y
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains
The Big Eyeball in the Sky
Spot the Psycho
Cemetery Pinch
How Now Brown Cow
Brain Circus
Donkey Town
Rest Home for Robots
Skeleton Farm
Celebrity Psychos
Death Cube K
Death Cube K
Deli Creeps
Deli Creeps ( 1991 demo tape)
Deli Creeps (1996 demo tape)
Dawn of the Deli Creeps
El Stew
No Hesitation
The Rehearsal
The Dark Night of a Million Stains
Frankenstein Brothers
Bolt on Neck
Giant Robot
Giant Robot
I Need 5 Minutes Alone
Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)
Animal Behavior
Transmutation Live
Live in Poland
Tennessee 2004
Anatomize (A Thanotopsis)
Lord of the Harvest

Guest Appearances
Will Ackerman - The Opening of Doors
Arcana - Arc of the Testimony
Axiom Ambient - Lost in the Translation
Axiom Funk featuring Bootsy Collins - If 6 was 9
Banyan - Anytime at All
Bassnectar - Mesmerizing the Ultra
Bastard Noise/Spastic Colon
Ben Wa - Devil Dub
Hakim Bey - T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone)
Blue Suenos
Bootsy Collins - Christmas is 4 Ever
Bootsy Collins - Tha Funk Capital of the World
Buckshot Le Fonque
Buckshot Le Fonque - No Pain No Gain
Company 91 Volume 1
Company 91 Volume 2
Company 91 Volume 3
Divination - Ambient Dub Volume 1
DJ Q-Bert - Wave Twisters
Double E - Audio Men
Anton Fier - Dreamspeed
Fishbone's Family Nexperience - The Friendliest Psychosis...
The Freak Brothers
Freekbass - The Air is Fresher Underground
Tony Furtado Band
Gemini - Product of Pain
Gigi - Gold and Wax
Great Jewish Music - A Tribute to Marc Bolan
Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy
Jon Hassell and Blue Screen - Dressing for Pleasure
Jonas Hellborg and Michael Shrieve - Octave of the Holy Innocents
Icehouse - Big Wheel
Icehouse - Full Circle
Henry Kaiser - Hope You Like Our New Direction
Alix Lambert and Travis Dickerson - Running After Deer
Bill Laswell - Points of Order
Lawson Rollins - Elevation
Live Bonnaroo 2002 Volume 2
MCM and the Monster - Collective Emotional Problems
Meridiem - A Pleasant Fiction
The Meta Collection
Method of Defiance - Inamorata
Viggo Mortensen - One Man's Meat
Viggo Mortensen - One Less Thing to Worry About
Viggo Mortensen - The Other Parade
Viggo Mortensen - Pandemoniumfromamerica
Viggo Mortensen - Please Tomorrow
Viggo Mortensen - This That and the Other
Viggo Mortensen - Intelligence Failure
Viggo Mortensen - At All
Viggo Mortensen - Reunion
Myth - Dreams of the World
New Yorker - Out Loud
Phonopsychograph Disk - Ancient Termites
Phonopsychograph Disk - Unreleased
Phonopsychograph Disk - Live @ Slim's/Turbulence Chest
Psyber Pop - What? So What?
Refrigerator - Somehow
Julian Schnabel - Every Silver Lining has a Cloud
Shin Terai - Unison
Shine - Heaven and Hell
Shine E - Light Years
Science Faxtion - Living on Another Frequency
Travis Dickerson - Iconography
Valis II - Everything Must Go
Bernie Worrell - Pieces of Woo: The Other Side
Bernie Worrell - Free Agent: A Spaced Odyssey
Compilations ~previously released material~
Alien Ambient Galaxy
Axiom Collection - Manifestation
Axiom Funk - Funkcronomicon
Bomb Anniversary Collection
Crash Course in Music
Divination - Light in Extension
El Stew - EP
Excavation - Beat Alchemy
Guitar Zone
Guitarisma 2
Guitars for Freedom
Guitars on Mars
Innerhythmic Sound System
Praxis - A Taste of Mutation
Praxis - Collection
Bill Laswell - Ambient Compendium
Music for the New Millennium
Night and Day
Telesterion - Hall of The Mysteries
Urban Revolutions

Film Soundtracks and Scores
Beverly Hills Ninja - Soundtrack
Dragon Ball Z - Soundtrack
Ghosts of Mars - Soundtrack
JM Johnny Mnemonic- Soundtrack
Last Action Hero - Score
Last Action Hero - Soundtrack
Masters of Horror - Soundtrack
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Soundtrack
Mortal Kombat - Score
Mortal Kombat - Soundtrack
Mortal Kombat 2 / Annihilation - Soundtrack
Saw 2 - Soundtrack
Scratch -The Film
Stealing Beauty - Soundtrack