Great Jewish Music

Great Jewish Music - A Tribute to Marc Bolan

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1) Arto Lindsay & Marc Ribot: Children of the Revolution
2) Rebecca Moore: Telegram Sam
3) Kramer: Get it On
4) Melvins: Buick McKane
5) Medeski, Martin & Wood: Groove a Little
6) Lo Galluccio: Cosmic Dancer
7) Fantomas/Mike Patton: Chariot Choogle
8) Tall Dwarfs: Ride a White Swan
9) Chris Cochrane: Rip-off
10) Gary Lucas: Deboraarobed
11) Eszter Balint: Mambo Sun
12) Vernon Reid: Jeepster
13) Danny Cohen: Lunacy's Back
14) Elysian Fields: Life's a Gas
15) Sean Lennon & Yuka Honda: Would I be the One
16) Cake Like: Love Charm
17) Trey Spruance: Scenescof
18) Buckethead: 20th Century Boy
19) Lloyd Cole: Romany Soup

This is a compilation CD of various artists. Buckethead plays on track 18.

(September 15) 1998 - Tzadik, AAD 8667050

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