Scratch: The Film

Scratch: The Film

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Mix Master Mike/DJ Disk - (live)
Primo's X-Ecution - X-ecutioners/DJ Premier
Mix Master Mike/DJ Disk - (live)
Re-Animator - Rob Swift
Interlude: Mix Master Mike Speaks
Rockit 2.002 - Herbie Hancock/Mixmaster Mike/Grandmixer DXT/Rob Swift/Qbert/Babu/Faust/Shortee
Interlude: Cut Chemist Speaks
Turntable Transformer - Cat Five Vs Snayk Eyez
DJ Krush - (live)
Crazy 2 Crazy - Grandmixer DXT
Interlude: DJ Shadow Speaks
Invasion Of The Octopus People - Invisibl Skratch Piklz
Interlude: Jazzy Jay/Afrika Bambaataa Speak
All 4 One - Boogie Boy/Kid Delight/Afrika Bambaataa
Interlude - Afrika Bambaataa Speaks Again
Skin Kracked Canals - DJ Disk/Buckethead (5:06)
Cut Transmitter - Grand Mixer DXT/Jerome "Big Foot" Brailey/Jah Wobble
Universal Noize Maker - Eddie Def
Interlude: Faust Scratches. Qbert And Mix Master Mike Speak
My Style - Rob Swift

Original score composed by Bill Laswell. Producer: Bill Laswell Engineer: Robert Musso
Recorded at Orange Music Studios, West Orange, New Jersey.

(February 12) 2002 - Transparent Music - 500172 (CD)

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