Lord of the Harvest

Zillatron - Lord of the Harvest

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1) C.B.I. Files
2) Bugg Lite
3) Fuzz Face
4) Exterminate
5) Smell the Secrets
6) Count Zero
7) Bootsy and the Beast
8) No Fly Zone (The Devils Playground)
9) The Passion Continues

Zillatron (aka Fuzzface aka Bootsy Collins): bass, voices; Bernie Worrell: keyboards;
Buckethead: electric and acoustic guitars; Bill Laswell: ambient sounds and noises;
Grand Master Melle Mel: chant; Umar Bin Hussan: chant; Debra Barsha: back vocals;
Kristen Gray: back vocals; Momma Collins: back vocals; Patti Willis: back vocals.
Recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York and Bootzilla Studio.
Produced by Bill Laswell and Bootsy Collins.

(June 28) 1994 - Black Arc / Rykodisc, RCD 10301 (CD)
(January 27) 2004 - Innerrhythmic (CD)

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