Big Wheel

Ice House - Big Wheel

cover art of the 1996 rerelease

1) Big Wheel (7" version)
2) Big Wheel (Bill Laswell mix) (3:50)
3) Big Wheel (General Dynamics mix)
4) Big Wheel (The Original Demo)
5) Turn it round

Iva Davies: lead vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals;
David Chapman: guitar, keyboards, additional drum programming, backing vocals;
Paul Wheeler: drums, additional drum programming, backing vocals;
Buckethead: additional guitars (track 2); Bill Laswell: additional bass (track 2).
Recorded at Diva Studios, Whale Beach by Iva Davies. Track 2 produced and mixed by Bill Laswell.
Engineered by Oz Fritz for High Velocity.

1993 - Diva Records, 8810602 (CD)
(May 8) 1996 - Diva Records, 8810602 (CD)

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