Living on Another Frequency

Science Faxtion -
Living on Another Frequency

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1) Sci-Fax Theme (3:39)
2) Lookin' for Eden (3:45)
3) At Any Cost (4:44)
4) Chaos in Motion (3:38)
5) Famous (5:27)
6) L.O.A.F. (3:59)
7) Gone Tomorrow (4:32)
8) Life-IS IN-Deliver (4:52)
9) Take You Down (3:21)
10) What It Is (3:37)
11) Fatally Flawed Flesh (3:41)
12) I See Rockets (3:15)
13) ZIONPLANET10 (3:05)

"At Any Cost" features parts of the song "Gigan" from the album 'The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock' by Buckethead.
"I See Rockets" features parts of the song "Lotus Island" from the album 'Inbred Mountain' by Buckethead.

Bootsy Collins: bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, synthesizer, vocals, programming, production, engineering.
Greg Hampton: vocals, guitars, production; Buckethead: guitars.
Bryan "Brain" Mantia: drums, programming; Tobe "Tobotius" Donohue: turntables, programming.

Guest musicians:
Chuck D - vocals on 'What It Is'
Keith Cheatham guitar
Chris Collier drums
Steve Ferlazzo synthesizer, piano, keyboards, vocals
Kyle Jason vocals
Morris Mingo keyboards
Paul Patterson strings
Susan Peterson strings
Bernie Worrell synthesizer, keyboards

Additional personnel:
Brian Hardgroove bass, drums, vocals, programming, engineering
Dan Monti bass, programming, engineering
Jeremy Mackenzie engineering, digital editing
Don Woods engineering

(November 11) 2008 - Megaforce, B001G7EGJM (CD)

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