Island of Lost Minds

Bucketheadland -
Island of Lost Minds

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1) Island of Lost Minds
2) Shock Therapy Side Show
3) Dream Darts
4) Vacuum Tube Planet
5) Scull Scrape
6) Ice Pick Through Eyes
7) Four Sided Triangle
8) Korova Binge Bar
9) Bruised Eye Sockets
10) Mud Of The Gutter
11) The Cuckoo Parade
12) Viravax
13) Lobotomizer

Buckethead: guitar; Delrey Brewer: drums.
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Dan Monti
Recorded at Buckethead's Coop and the Del Rey Brewer Factory
Special Thanks to the Towel for support
Artwork and cover photo by Bryan Theiss for Frankenseuss Lobotomy Drill Repair

(March 19) 2004 - Bucketheadland Parks (CD)

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