The Day of the Robot

Buckethead - The Day of the Robot

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1) Destroyer A) Speed Flux Quadrant B) Inclusion C) Exhaust Release (13:03)
2) Flying Guillotine (7:24)
3) Quantum Crash (6:02)
4) Collision (8:23)
5) Caution Drop (8:17)

Buckethead: guitars; Ninj: bass and drums, keyboards; Bill Laswell: low bass, drums.
Recorded at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, CA and Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York.
Rhythm tracks for 2, 3, 4 and 5 created in the UK by Ninj. Produced by Bill Laswell.

(April 30) 1996 - Sub Meta, SM 9804 (CD)

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