Free Agent: A Spaced Odyssey

Bernie Worrell - Free Agent: A Spaced Odyssey

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1) Hope Is Here (BW)
2) Afrofuturism (BW, BL)
3) In Pursuit (BW, DK)
4) Woo Awakens, The Wizard Cometh (BW)
5) Re-Enter Black Light (BW, JPS)
6) Warriors Off To Woo (BW)

Bernie Worrell: Keyboards, Organ; Buckethead: Guitar (tracks 4 and 6);
Dominic Kanza: Guitar (track 3); Hamid Drake: Drums, Tabla, Percussion (tracks 2 and 3);
Aiyb Dieng: Chatan, Congas, Percussion, Bells (tracks 2 and 3); Bill Laswell: Bass, Bells (tracks 2 and 3);
Jean Pierre Sluys: Bass, Guitar, Beats, Sound EFX (track 5)

Created at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York and at The Wizard's Lair, Plainfield, New Jersey.
Engineering: Robert Musso, Oz Fritz and Jean Pierre Sluys. Produced by Bernie Worrell.
Mix Translation and additional production: Bill Laswell.

(April 22) 1997 - Black Arc / Polystar PSCR-5609 (CD)

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