Viggo Mortensen -

1) Den Gang Jeg Drog Afsted (3:37)
Guitars: Buckethead; Percussion: Travis; Vocals, organ, piano: Viggo
2) Back to Babylon (3:43)
Bass: Henry; Vocals, keyboards, percussion: Viggo
3) Pandemoniumfromamerica (2:58)
Words: William Blake; Guitars: Buckethead;
Bass: Henry; Vocals, piano, harmonica: Viggo
4) Gone (3:53)
Guitars: Buckethead; Piano: Henry and Viggo; Vocals: Elijah, Henry, and Viggo
5) They Ate Your Family (1:23)
Guitars: Buckethead; Vocals: Viggo
6) I Want Mami (3:36)
Guitars: Buckethead; Vocals: Henry and Viggo; Keyboards and wheelchair: Viggo
7) Red River Valley (4:52)
Guitars, bass: Buckethead; Vocals, Lesliemonica: Viggo
8) Leave It (2:27)
Guitars: Buckethead; Rhodes: Viggo
9) Holyhead (3:33)
Words: Jonathan Swift; Guitars: Buckethead; Bass: Henry; Vocals, piano, harmonica: Viggo
10) Fall of Troy (1:17)
Guitars: Buckethead; Shaker, tambourine: Henry; Keyboards and drums: Viggo
11) Shadow (4:44)
Words, vocals: Dom; Guitars: Buckethead; Bass: Billy; Keyboards: Travis;
Rhodes: Henry; Percussion: Elijah; Drums and piano: Viggo
12) Cuba on Paper (3:29)
Words: Chomsky, Rumi; Guitars: Buckethead; Streets: Havana;
Vocals: Chomsky and Viggo; Drums and harmonica: Viggo
13) Maybe (2:57)
Words and vocals: Dom; Guitars: Buckethead; Bass: Billy; Piano: Elijah;
Keyboards and drums: Henry; Rhodes and drums: Viggo
14) Half Fling (1:40)
Words: Dom and Elijah; Guitars: Buckethead; Bass: Henry; Drums: Billy;
Vocals: Dom and Elijah; Harmonica and vocals: Viggo

Viggo Mortensen, Henry Mortensen, Buckethead, Travis Dickerson,
Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan

Total Running Time: 44:22
Lyrics by Viggo Mortensen unless otherwise noted
tracks 11, and 13, and 14 are from the "Hobbit Day" jam

Produced by Viggo Mortensen
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Travis Dickerson Recording Studios
Recorded and mastered by Travis Dickerson at TDRS Music, Chatsworth, CA

(December 5) 2003 Perceval Press (CD)

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