Hope You Like Our New Direction

Henry Kaiser - Hope You Like Our New Direction

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1) Love's Made a Fool of You
2) Traditional Medley: Devil got my woman, Sa Mac Improvisation,
Qua Cau Gio Bay, Ly Chim Quyen, Cold Rain and Snow
3) Rock On
4) Kanaka Wai Wai
5) The Hunk's Tears
6) Annihilation in Allah
7) Windham Hell
8) The Sandman
9) Hurum II
10) Edge of the World
11) Distant Stars
12) California Dreamin'
13) Carried off by the Moon
14) High School Hellcats (6:55)
15) Prosaic Mosaic
16) Japan in a Dishpan

Buckethead: guitar (14)

1991 - Reckless Records, CDRECK 21 (CD)

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