Buckethead - Electric Sea

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1) Electric Sea (6:26)
2) Beyond the Knowing (3:54)
3) Swomee Swan (4:43)
4) Point Doom (5:15)
5) El Indio (7:20)
6) La Wally (Alfredo Catalani) (3:46)
7) La Gavotte (Johann Sebastian Bach) (2:53)
8) Bachethead (Johann Sebastian Bach) (2:05)
9) Yokohama (2:52)
10) Gateless Gate (1:58)
11) The Homing Beacon (6:53)

all songs written by Buckethead except where noted, and arranged by Buckethead

Produced by Buckethead and Janet Rienstra-Friesea
Production assistance by Dom Camardella
Engineered, edited, and mixed by Dom Camardella at Santa Barbara Sound Design
Mastered by Robert Hadley at the Mastering Lab in Ojai, CA
Art and design by Russell Mills, Design assistance - Michael Webster
Cover photograph - Breaking Ocean Wave, Baja California Sur, Mexico, by Mark A. Johnson
Meta Support - Bella Rienstra, Made by Meta - Janet Rienstra-Friesea
Buckethead songs published by Katella Music/BMI)

Buckethead thanks - My parents, Michael Jackson, Theo, Uma, Janet, and Lakshmi chicken

(February 21) 2012 - Metastation (CD)

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