HAKIM BEY - T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone)

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1) Chaos (HB, BL) (6:04)
2) Poetic Terrorism (HB, BL) (4:22)
3) Amour Fou (HB, BL) (4:57)
4) Immediatism (HB, BL) (3:35)
5) The Tong (HB, BL) (12:48)
6) Boycott Cop Culture (HB, BL) (10:38)

Hakim Bey: readings; Bill Laswell; basses, treatments, samples, sound collage;
Wu Man: pipa; Nicky Skopelitis: guitars; Buckethead: guitars.
Recorded and mixed at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York.
Produced and arranged by Bill Laswell.

(July 26) 1994 - Axiom / Island, 314-524-014-2 (CD)

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