Praxis - Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)

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1) Blast / War Machine Dub (BL, B, BC) (3:51)
2) Interface / Stimulation Loop (B, BC, BW, Brain, BL) (2:17)
3) Crash Victim / Black Science Navigator (B, BC, Brain, N. Hall) (3:42)
4) Animal Behavior (BL, B, BC) (7:09)
5) Dead Man Walking (BC, BW, Brain, N. Hall, B, BL) (5:14)
6) Seven Laws of Woo (BW, BC, B) (5:05)
7) The Interworld and The New Innocence (B, BW, BC, Brain) (6:29)
8) Giant Robot / Machines in the Modern City / Godzilla (B, BC, BW, Brain, N. Hall, BL) (6:38)
9) After Shock (Chaos Never Died) (BW, N. Hall, BC) (16:20)

Buckethead: guitar, toys; Bootsy Collins: space bass, vocals; Brain: drums;
Bernie Worrell: synthesizer, clavinet & vital organ; AF Next Man Flip (Lord of the Paradox): turntable, mixer.
Recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York. Conceived and constructed by Bill Laswell.

(September 8) 1992 - Axiom / Island, 314-512 338-2 (CD)

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