Death Cube K - Disembodied

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1) Disembodied (B, BL) (9:14)
2) Embalmed (B, BL) (4:58)
3) Terror Tram (B, BL) (9:35)
4) Hanging Gallows (B, BL) (5:32)
5) Pre Hack (B, BL) (15:29)

Death Cube K (aka Buckethead): guitar, Dr. Phibes organ, stretching rake;
Xtrakd: ambient nightmare machete; Bill Laswell: bass.
Recorded at The Embalming Plant, Oakland, California.
Additional recording and mixing at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York.
Produced by Buckethead and Bill Laswell.

1997 - Ion Records, Ion 2004 (CD)

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