Wave Twisters

DJ Q-Bert - Wave Twisters

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1) Turntable TV [Re-vizion]
2) Word From Fresh Breath Mouthwash
3) Enter The Wave Twisters
4) Inner Space Dental Commander
5) Redworm
6) Cosmic Assassins
7) Destination: Quasar
8) Paranoia
9) Invasion Of The Octopus People
10) Electric Eye Beam Abduction
11) Razorblade Alcohol Slide
12) Sneak Attack
13) Grandpa Wears Fat Laces, Movement 1: Quadraphonic Element Download
14) Grandpa Wears Fat Laces, Movement 2: 6 Fingered Fury
15) Grandpa Wears Fat Laces, Movement 3: Inside-Out Body Warp
16) Grandpa Wears Fat Laces, Turntable TV
17) Grandpa Wears Fat Laces, Aphrodisiskratch

DJ Q-Bert: Primary Artist; Yoga Frog: scratching, executive producer; Mix Master Mike: scratching, beats;
Shortkut: scratching, producer; Buckethead: bass, guitar; Kormann Roque: mixing; David Styles: producer.

(November 10) 1998 - Galactic Butt Hair (CD)

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