Shin Terai - Unison

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1) Clue (ST) (1:59)
2) Dinner of Heaven (ST, BL, NS) (7:46)
3) Emotional Intelligence (ST, BL, NS) (7:25)
4) Dusk (ST, BL, B) (7:18)
5) Tug of War (ST, BL, B) (8:15)
6) Dream Catcher (ST, BL, BW, RM) (7:52)
7) From Texas (ST, BL, BW, RM) (8:10)

Shin Terai: voice, synthesizer, beats, loops, effects; Bill Laswell: basses, synthesizer, effects;
Buckethead: guitars; Bernie Worrell: hammond B-3 organ, synthesizer, clavinet;
Nicky Skopelitis: 6 and 12 string guitars, coral electric sitar; Robert Musso: programming, processing, loops.
Recorded and mixed at Greenpoint Studio Brooklyn, NY. Engineering by Robert Musso and Oz Fritz.
Mix translation by Bill Laswell. Produced by Bill Laswell and Shin Terai.

1999 - AMJ, Absord Music Japan, ABCJ - 60 (CD)
(October 24) 2001 - ION, 820152 (CD)

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