'The Ballad of Buckethead' video was nominated for
'Best New Artist - Modern Rock' Billboard’s Music Video Awards

Killer Grabbag of Shards - an interactive CD-ROM
featuring live concert video footage from Buckethead performances

Binge Clips 1-7
feature Buckethead and his pals
at different projects in performance and at play

Deli Creeps perform the title track for "Flesh for the Beast"
you can hear a preview here
the *unrated* version features even more Buckethead music
you can order a copy here

Buckethead makes a brief appearance in "Wave Twisters"

Buckethead appears in the Snoop Dogg video "Undacova Funk" see it here

Buckethead also makes a brief appearance in the Freekbass video
"Always Here"

Buckethead appears in the "If 6 was 9" video from Axiom Funk featuring Bootsy Collins

Buckethead makes a guest appearance in the Primus "Videoplasty" video

Buckethead also makes a very brief appearance in "Brain's Lessons"
a drum instructional video that even non-drummers will enjoy
check out... "Shredding Repis on the Gnar Gnar Rad"

a short clip of Buckethead live at Electric Church here

visit the Bucketheadland Drive In