Binge 1
features Buckethead, Throatrake, Pinchface, Saucy Patches, Giant Robot,
and various other characters at work and play
approximate running time 33 minutes

Binge 2
features Buckethead, Throatrake, Maximum Bob, Pinchface, and Choptop
the premiere of the Cornbugs classic "Chicken and a Severed Hand"
approximate running time 28 minutes

Binge 3
Buckethead and Brain visit Colma and other adventures,
and assorted short clips of live shows
approximate running time 30 minutes

Binge 4
assorted clips of Giant Robot II during live shows and other playing,
the world radio premiere of "Raji I am the King"
some binge buddy Halloween fun
approximate running time 60 minutes

Binge 5
Giant Robot II on "Colma" tour in Europe
assorted clips of live shows, and some sightseeing in Belgium, Madrid, Berlin, and London
Buckethead mystifies an interviewer at a German radio station
approximate running time 60 minutes

Binge 6
assorted clips from live shows and some promotional clips featuring
Giant Robot II, DJ Disk, Throatrake, and Les Claypool's Ballad of Buckethead vocal intro
approximate running time 60 minutes

Binge 7
various clips of Giant Robot II live, and appearances by Raji
approximate running time 1 hour and 20 minutes