Super Bucketheadland 3 by Tex

Download and unzip the NEStron emulator to the folder of your preference,
then download and unzip the game into the same folder.
download NEStron emulator here
download game here

play Home Run Derby here

play Jumpman here

Stella Atari 2600 emulator for Windows ~ also compatible with other systems
How to install: Download and unzip Stella to the folder of your preference.
Download and unzip the games to the Roms folder in the emulator.
Run Stella.exe, pick the game you want to play from the menu that will pop-up, click "Play"
download emulator here

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
download game here

download game here

How to play: The useable buttons are listed in the emulator's PDF guide,
but the only buttons really needed for these games are the arrow keys,
the space bar (action), F2 (Start Game/Reset Game) and ESC (Exit Game).