Giant Robot exists in three incarnations. It started out as a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama.
Born June 18, 1934 at Kobe, he is one of the great precursors of Japanese manga. His most representative
works are "Ironman 28" (Gigantor) published 1959-66, and "Iga no Kagemaru" (Tale of Ninja) published 1961-66.

original Giant Robot comic Mitsuteru Yokoyama

Next came the live action show "Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot."
This was first broadcast in Japan in the 60's, then later on US television in the 70's.
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Johnny Sokko

This series was later compiled into a feature length film called "Voyage into Space."

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lyrics to Giant Robot theme

In the early '90s a new animated series was produced in Japan based on the original "Giant Robo" manga.
Director Imagawa resurrected Giant Robo and many of Yokoyama's other manga creations in "Giant Robo: The Animation."
The violence and language of the anime version is aimed at a more teenage or adult audience than the live action series was.
This series was released on video in the US by Manga Enterprises in 1995.

Giant Robot was built for destructive purposes but was voice registered to Johnny Sokko and converted to do good.
He is nuclear powered, flies at a speed of Mach 19, and has such talents as Eye Lasers and Flaming Breath.
He also flies, carries Johnny in his hand, and his eyes flash when activated.
Giant Robot's fighting style is a lot more active and his abilities are different from Giant Robo's.
The remote-control wristwatch is the same, and the boy-robot friendship is too for the most part.
It is said of Giant Robot at one point that it "almost acts human, that robot."