Howdy Bucket Clan members. I first saw Buckethead in October of 2005 at the Empire Ballroom in Vegas, and was completly blown away with what I saw. His fingers reminded me of those creatures from the Alien movies, the way they just moved around the fretboard with blinding speed and accuracy, stretching to places most guitar players can't thing of reaching. He played for over 2 hours, I was mezmerized and left speechless for a long time...Then, forward to June 2006, I got wind of a private party he was playing at in Vegas and was very lucky to be able to attend, this time bringing my 16 year old son who plays drums so he could see the antics of Pinchface, who by the way, is a show of his own as well.... Buckethead came to this small "club" to perform for only about 60-70 people and you wouldn't know it, he played as if he was performing for thousands. Such an intimate setting, such an awesome performer. He handed out his toys to the crowd, many to some of the younger ones in attendance, although there were plenty of "older" listeners there as well. After 2 sets of over an hour each, he departs the stage to regenerate. Later that night, over another hour or so, our small group waited out back until he came out, surprised that that was Buckethead, and he was all too happy to take a moment out to sign the toys and items placed before him for his humbled signature. Buckethead was very nice, very personable, all the while not speaking, and took the time to make his fans, both young and old feel good. Pinchface and Del Roy also signed items and were quite pleasant. I understand Bucketheads need for privacy, as I am a KISS fan, so I know what it's like to want to be "unfamous" when you want to be, so for them to do this for his fans was an awesome treat we wont ever forget. Thanks Buckethead, and when you come back to Vegas, WE will be there to see you again. ~Bob

March 14th, 2006 - State Theatre
The concert was amazing, by far the best show I have been to. The opening band wasn't bad, they were a kind of techno/drum' n bass/trance band. They were alright, but then they got off stage, the stage tech started clearing the stage, and at that point the crowd was dead silent. After 15 minutes of waiting the crowd started chanting his name..."BUCKETHEAD!" filled the State Theatre, then the lights went off and it went dead silent. Buckethead and his bassist and drummer walked out as casual as can be, he picked his guitar up, and stood there for a few seconds, everything was motionless and silent, and then you could hear the robot-like voice go "WELCOME, TO BUCKETHEADLAND!" and then I just got goosebumps all over. He started playing Welcome to Bucketheadland, he was amazing, his live show sounded better than the recordings. I dont remember the second song, but the third song was Buckethead's Toystore. During one of his solos, he back-kicked a doll head over, it was awsome. He also played the Botnus riffs, at one point he turned his guitar face down and played a few solos like that. He also played with nunchukas, one handed, while playing guitar, and he also did a small robot routine. After a few more songs he left the stage for a little bit and his drummer announced that he and Buckethead would be right back with clean plates and salad, I dunno, but it was annoying. I was pumped and I couldnt believe I was finally witnessing Buckethead live and he left. After 15 minutes that seemed like 2 hours, he came back out and went back to playing like he never left the stage. I couldnt believe the sound that was coming out of his amp, my friends and I were amazed that he did not miss a note, I am not exaggerating when I say he played better live than his recorded stuff. He played for almost 3 hours, it was an amazing experiance and I would go and see him in a heartbeat if he ever came down here again ~Dino

Ever since I saw Buckethead at Bonnaroo 2004 I have been obsessed. I went out and started off buying 'Monsters and Robots', and then 'Colma', and went on to 'Population Override' and 'Giant Robot.' Buckethead played with Praxis, one of the many bands he plays with. It was the sickest and most twisted shit I ever saw, and trust me it wasn't the drugs. I have never felt the music go through me like that, he made me groove and headbang and jump up and down and dance until the set was over. He also played with Material. I also bought two Praxis cd's, and saw him at the Riviera Theatre when he played with Claypool and Brain and Bernie in Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains. I remember seeing him play with GnR on I think what was the 2002 MTV VMA's. At first I thought it was Slash in disguise, but I was wrong. It turned out to be Buckethead, the fucking god of guitar gods. TO MY STORY NOW! While Buckethead plays he likes to set his guitar down and throw goodies out to the audience, anything from Van Helsing action figures to Teletubbie dolls, like he did at Bonnaroo and when opening up for Umphry's Mcgee.I went to the concert specifically for Buckethead. Umphrey's who? I think they suck and only went for Buckethead to open, and then he came back out on stage and rocked with the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan 23 jersey and jammed with Umphrey's for awhile. Then Buckethead busted out this playskool plastic guitar and played the heaviest music on it and then walked around like a robot and did his robot wave and then threw it into the audience, RIGHT TO ME!!! HOLY SHIT!!! Of course I was representing Buckethead with KFC bucket, Jason Voorhees hockey mask, and long curly brown wig. Buckethead saw me the whole time because I was right in the front jamming with him the whole time. HIGHTLIGHT OF MY LIFE, NO JOKE....fucking sweetness. Can't wait to see him when he comes back to town! ~Kevin

Buckethead is, for sure, the most original guitar player I've ever heard. His music is really strange, and that's what I like the most. His incursion in so diferent musical styles impresses me, I think that he does Ctrl+Alt+Del on his brain when he composes new songs. I met Buckethead music thanks to a Mexican friend, I'm from Colombia but I just came to Mexico. He is a really huge Buckethead fan, and as we share the same love for music we became good friends. The first time I heard Bucket I was just shocked, I've heard some more famous guitarists before, but in my opinion, nothing compares to Buckethead. I went to one concert about a month ago in San Diego in a place called Brick by Brick. I expected a lot from Buckethead that night, but nothing prepared me for what I saw and heard. While he was on stage, I felt his music, deeply, inside of me, going inside my veins and my brain, filling every space with emotion. It was the best show of my life, that's for sure, I feel very lucky. As the place is like a small bar, I got the chance to be in front, really close to Bucket. I even got the chance to take a picture with him before the start of the show! I can't describe the feeling of being so close to such a character. And as if his show wasn't enough, at the end he starts to give away some toys, and he gave me a extremely nice Treebeard character from The Lord of the Rings. I've read all Tolkien's books a lot of times, it was too much, one of the best nights of my life. I still can't believe that someone like him exists, I just hope I can see one of his shows again. ~David

On June 11, 2004 I saw Buckethead play with Praxis at Bonnaroo. It was my greatest experience with Bucket yet. We waited for 4 hours up front in the blazing heat just so we could be up close and personal with Bucket. There were 90,000 plus people at the festival. Kids everywhere screaming for Bucket,.that show was on point!!! Primus was there but Bucket did not play with them. After the festival was over I did not want to leave, I wanted more Buckethead. But as we were headed down I-24, I look over and there he is pointing at the KFC bucket in the back window of my car. I am so happy that Buckethead acknowledges his fans. ~Stimie

I was at the '99 Ozzfest and I saw Primus for the first time. I remember I saw this tall guy with a bucket on his head, and Les said folks just call him Buckethead. When the set was over, all I could say was "fucking Buckethead." So the next day, all I did was try to find out everything about him, but no one knew anything about him. About two months later, I got in this band, and the guitar player put on this song that had the best solo I ever heard. It was the solo for Jumpman, the first one, and I said "who the fuck was that?" He said, "Buckethead" and he gave me the CD, and that is the best Buckethead CD. It might be a weird thing to say, but Buckethead is the biggest thing to me. I don't jam to anything but Bucket, and my band at the time covered Post Office Buddy. If I play any shows, I always play Pure Imagination or A Pirate's Life for me. I'm just a big fan of Buckethead, he's God ~Abe

I went to Ozzfest '99 in Charlotte NC. Being a fan of Slayer, I made my way back to my seats in time to see Primus. A few songs in (I never really listened to Primus beforehand so it was all new to me), they started to play what I know now is The Ballad Of Buckethead. When the chorus came, this guy in a yellow shirt and a KFC bucket on his head runs out on stage and plays guitar. I thought he was a Primus character like Jerry, of racecar driving, or Sally, the one with the big brown beaver. When he played, guitar, I noticed it sounded very different than any other guitars I had heard before. He played a couple songs with them and after the set, I really didn't think that much of it.

A couple months later, one of my friends was telling me about this new guitarist he heard about. When he described it to me, I remembered the Primus set. From there, my next exposure was Bucketheadland. 'Nosin' amazed me and when I listen to it through headphones, to this day, it sends electricity thru my back and arms. Now, I am the proud owner of Buckethead's solo catalog, all the Praxis albums (even the ones without him), both Cobra Strikes, Zillatron, Arcana, and am TRYING to find Giant Robot NTT (if anyone can find me or make me a copy, I would be eternally grateful). Buckethead opened me up to a new world of music and thanks to him, I now know the magic of The Saw. ~Mark

In 2002 at Leedsfest England during the Guns 'n Roses set, Buckethead did a solo as we all expected but what he did was not what people had expected. There were many people I had met when we were camping the night before that didn't think much of Buckethead, but also when I asked none of them recalled hearing him play . Don't get me wrong, I met many people who thought he was great too, and one group of lads even showed up in yellow jackets, blood covered shoes and masks, and bucket (I just did the bucket cos I didn't think on.)

So, after half the Guns set Axl said " ladies and germs .....Mr. Buckethead." Buckethead came on and did the nunchucks and danced, then....then he put on his guitar....his fingers were just flying off the fretboard and the sounds that were coming out were intense, but unlike all the other guitarist there that day Bucket didn't just play one long solo of notes, he changed his sounds and tones, and every time he did, people just stood there and you could feel it, in the crowd of 50,000 strong, jaws were dropping . When he stopped there was a pause of maybe even as long as a minute of just pure silence.....then everyone went nuts !!!!!!! The feeling in the crowd changed for the rest of the set! I'm a huge buckethead fan and intend to be for a long long time, I am a musician myself and may even send in a song for Buckets personal amusment. ~Sue

Well, my story isn't incredible or anything, but I think it's something like most peoples experiences with Buck. I'm very new to the world of Buckethead. I saw Bucket on MTV at the very beginning of the GNR tour. They showed a few clips of him playing on stage and showed Herbie talking to the reporter. I have no idea why, but his playing and persona made something click inside of me, like I knew him or something.

After I saw him play I went online and found info about him because the information they gave on MTV was kind of sparing. I found out, to my amazement that he had been playing for 13 years, on compilations that I'd heard, like Beverly Hills Ninja and Power Rangers. I knew back then I liked that music but I didn't pay attention to the credits, I was only about 8.

For Christmas I got 3 Bucket CD's and I alternate them in my CD player. Every time I listen to Bucket, it just makes everything bad go away, it makes me feel happy, amazingly, kind of like what it feels like when going to Disney. Bucket has something incredibly special about him, and I hope that he never loses that quality about him.

I have come to now for a couple weeks and have met many new bots to talk about Bucket with...where I live, no one but me is into him like I am. Hopefully one day Bucket will get the credit and following he deserves for such a talented artist. Buckethead has also inspired me greatly. After listening to Bucket for the first time, I took my guitar out of it's hiding place and have been learning to play ever since. I know it will take a long time before I can even attempt to play something as complicated as Buckethead plays but it will be well worth it.

If Bucket knew how many people he has touched, in the ways he has touched them without even talking, I think he would be very pleased. ~Rellik

In April 2000 we cruised to LA to see Hook and Pull Gang in Santa Barbara and the following night at the Troubadour in LA. I'd been emailing Louie the bass player and got to meet him in Santa Barbara. The following day we went to the Troubadour to hang out and I called Louie, thinking we may go eat somewhere after soundcheck. He mentioned for us to hang out awhile and they were headed over for soundcheck. We wandered around and came back and saw the vehicle and knew they were here.

I peeked in and saw Bucket without mask and actually looked away as the mystery part of the intrigue. I found out one of my buds went in and was talking to Bucket so in I go. I asked him about GNR and at the time he was 50-50 about joining. He mentioned that he had to be Buckethead and that was really important to him. I was really impressed with his musical integrity. He stressed that Axl was a really cool guy and wanted us to know that.

Our friends were from overseas and when Bucket learned they had travelled so far to see him, he said,"I'm going to have to practice more!" I mentioned that I couldn't remember the names to a lot of his tunes and he said he had the same problem. I thought that was funny. We talked about his cool place in Napa that I visited to see Pinchface when Bucket was playing Ozzfest that year with Primus. He really liked Napa but moved back to LA to be closer to his parents because they were getting older and he wanted to help them.

My wife got so excited that she had to leave and go running down the street to get a throw away camera. Bucket said we could record sound check. He lead us upstairs and mentioned he would just put a mask on while they recorded. If my memory serves correct, he didn't consider himself a great guitar player. He was a very humble and kind person. We got to hang out for about half an hour with Bucket . I also got to hang out with Maximum Bob from Deli Creeps/Hook and Pull Gang who was very intimidating at first but I mentioned I was the one who sent him a Deli Creeps video and he warmed up right away. Louie has always corresponded with me and Renee who placed drums was cool also. I'll work on getting Louie to hit the Bingeboard here.

The show at the Troubadour was really hot that night. Bob started talking about killing chickens and Bucket starts freaking out, crashing into the brick wall so Bob takes a clear plastic hose and starts blowing into it and Bucket has the other end in his mask to revive him. That darn Bob also put his finger over the end of the hose and that wasn't helping Bucket much either. I thought it was hilarious. After the show, we were hanging outside while the band took their instruments down and Bucket had donated a suitcase full of beer, soda, and snacks that I really think he did for us even though he doesn't drink, smoke or even cuss.

That's my story and I felt I could die afterwards and life had been fulfilling getting to meet my hero. ~Jedi-Master

In November of 1999, Buckethead came to Chicago with Primus and Incubus. I dressed up and wore a "female" version of Buckethead's white mask. This was the first time I'd ever seen him play solo. I don't think I've ever enjoyed seeing anyone perform as much as I enjoyed Buckethead that night. It was awesome!

I was smiling so much behind my mask I thought my face would crack! I know I'm going to sound like a pre-teen girl gushing over the high school football hero, some points in the show! Of all the people in that crowd to look at, he looked at silly little me! I mean I love his music and listen to him all the time, I think it's the raddest thing ever that he can be who he is, play what he wants and have a great time, and...arrrgh! I can't even explain it! And he LOOKED at me! He even gave me a comic book! (Giggly, girly shriek) eeeeeeeeek!!!

I wanted him to play for the rest of the night. But Incubus had to play. I hoped with all my might that he'd return a couple times during Primus' set. He did. He played for a bit during "Tweekers" and came out to dance during another song I can't remember right now. The second time he came out he started break dancing and whatnot. Siezing this opportunity, I took off my mask, yelled, "Buckethead!"(a yell even I could barely hear over the music) and reached out as far as I could to hold out The Gift I brought for him. It was a Bruce Lee Good Luck Coin. If anybody should have a Bruce Lee Good Luck Coin, it's Buckethead. That was my immediate thought when I found the coin. He stomped across the stage over to me like a giant robot, stooped down and took the coin from my fingers. At this point I was giggling hysterically. Checking to see if all this really happened, I looked at my boyfriend. His eyes were wide as dinner plates. Grinning like an idiot, I put my mask back on. Buckethead turned around and stomped off stage.

He came out one last time with Primus for an encore of "Electric Uncle Sam". Directly after finishing the song, he put down his guitar and headed off stage again. But before he left for good, he waved goodbye. I froze. My boyfriend frantically jabbed me in the side and said, "Miss! He's waving! Wave back!" I waved. He left. Needless to say, I was walking on air for days afterward. Just thinking about that night still puts a silly smile on my face. The End. I hope that made sense. I get all giddy when I have to relay that night's events to anyone! ~Malissa

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