love the hitchhiker!
oh yay! I got Buckethead!
exit doom buggy
disney can't compare
the happiest place on earth
is Bucketheadland
when he plays it's like
the sounds of those dead chickens
coming through his hands
under cardboard crown
brews secrets of the unknown
long curly ringlets
stun box parade
the slunk marches on
toward a fate he knows not...
knocking gun awaits
don't concentrate on the fingers AKA all that heavenly glory
how does he do it?
i close my eyes and wonder
"don't think, FEEL" he said
haiku for Maximum Bob
digging the hole deep
the lime keeps the smell at bay
were there witnesses?
east sider's lament aka non-Californian's lament
I wait patiently
for Bucket to reach these parts
won't he swing my way?
a haiku for Disk
turntable masta
he's holding it down, ese
para la gente
pop n' lockin' B
swinging nunchuks like Bruce Lee
robotic ninja
watched all the movies
through the peephole in the fence
mem'ries from the coop
a haiku for Saucy Patches
everlasting fun
is beating up some cardboard
no more bad feelings
bakery binge
plum almond crumble
six inches diameter
hard to remember
steel door slams open
he can't escape I know it
death on a meat hook
Saw Big B with Guns
bought a ticket to NOLA
please leave Cali soon
November 18, 2000
found in a used bin
that Giant Robot CD
it changed everything
Lord Guillotine's here
Giant Robot saves the day
Tokyo is saved
love at first fright
A total psycho
Reminds me of a robot
Playing a guitar
Whirling nunchaku
With his lightning-fast hands he
Makes us all dizzy
After the concert
I fall asleep dreaming of
Deadly sonic arts
it's fun to go on rides
the greatest ride is
in pure imagination
at Bucketheadland
Chickin in the Fridge
um, is it just me
or does your fridge cluck at you
probably just me
San Francisco Girl with Broken Arm
succubus tongue flicks
Buckethead is a nice kid
you must not have known
Princess Oke Hitsu
listen silent one
oke hitsu she is kind
silent one listen
radio show lady
what can we expect
ribbit, oh, giggle, robots
you will see robots
about forty buckets
Buckethead graveyard
striped chicken bucket tombstones
poor sad dead chickens
the music makers
we are the music
we are the dreamers of dreams
Buckethead loves us
My Pirate San Juan
I love my Pirate
Your eyes take my breath away
Who says you need air
Wazah! Kick the Chiken
half of a chicken
one for you and one for you
chicken burial
Sad Farewell, Solo-lan-nano Beach
I sure miss you Mom
Saddest face, in a sad place
Buckethead is gone

by Deconstruct, McNallzdawg, ByTor, zuzu,
and someone who wishes to remain anonymous