some folks Buckethead has worked on the photos for more info

Bootsy Collins William "Bootsy" Collins
Born October 26th, 1951 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The legendary bassist for the James Brown Band, Parliament-Funkadelic, P-Funk All-Stars, and Bootsy's Rubber Band. He produced 'Bucketheadland' as well as playing bass on it, and also played on 'Giant Robot' and Praxis' 'Transmutation'. Even though Bill Laswell played the majority of the bass on the next Praxis album, 'Sacrifist,' Bootsy still contributed to the song 'Deathstar'. Other Buckethead related projects that Bootsy has played on are Anton Fier's 'Dreamspeed', Axiom Funk's 'Funkronomicon', a song on the Dragon Ball Z soundtrack, and some vocals on 'Monsters and Robots.' Buckethead plays on Bootsy's 'Zillatron' album.
Les Claypool Les Claypool
Bassist, songwriter, producer, video director, cartoonist, animator, screenwriter, record label owner, and multimedia interactive design artist. Since forming the band Primus in 1988, he's also played with Sausage, Holy Mackerel, The Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Oysterhead, and Rat Brigade. He sang lead vocals on the song 'The Ballad of Buckethead,' and also appeared in the video of the same name. His most recent project with Buckethead is their new band, Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains.
Jonas Hellborg Jonas Hellborg
Born June 7, 1958 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Bass guitarist. In '83, he joined the reforming Mahavishnu Orchestra, and has also worked with Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell, Ginger Baker, Tony Williams, Anton Fier, Michael Shrieve, and Shawn Lane, among others. He created his own record label Day Eight in '82 in order to allow himself and others to record with full artistic freedom, and in '90 he and Bill Laswell created the Greenpoint Recording Studio in New York. Buckethead worked with him on the 'Octave of the Holy Innocents' album.
Bill Laswell Bill Laswell
Bassist, producer, and multi-talented, genre-busting, all-round superbeing. Born in Detroit in 1955, Laswell's work over the last two decades has redefined the word "eclectic". He's worked with such diverse figures as Brian Eno, Motörhead, Herbie Hancock, John Zorn, Mick Jagger, Fela Kuti, John Lydon, William Burroughs, Sonny Sharrock, Whitney Houston, Tony Williams, and the Dalai Lama. Having produced or played on over 400 recordings, he also has a talent for bringing together disparate elements and musicians. He was introduced to Buckethead by Brain in the early 90's, formed the group Praxis in 1992, and has either produced or played on numerous Buckethead related projects since.
Louie Louie Gascon
Louie played bass for Giant Robot II, and appears in the Binge Clip videos. He is currently involved in other musical projects.                        
Tony Tony
Tony aka Cousin Tony aka Kid Quick aka Gerald Chung Lo. The Deli Creeps original bass player. He's involved in other musical projects when he's not working with the Deli Creeps.
Herbie Herbie
Herbie does vocals on a few songs on the Pieces 'I Need Five Minutes Alone' album. He is also a member of the Chicken Scratch Choir on the song 'The Ballad of Buckethead,' and often appears onstage at Buckethead performances.
Maximum Bob Maximum Bob
The one and only Deli Creeps vocalist. He sang backup vocals on the 'Mr. Bungle' debut album, released in 1991, and also sang for a band called Neck.
Bill Moseley Bill Moseley
Born November 11, 1951. Actor, lyricist, singer, and journalist who has written for Omni, Psychology Today, National Lampoon, Family Weekly Magazine and the Hollywood Reporter. Bill's acting career began on the stage in his hometown of Barrington, Illinois when he was eight years old, and he appeared in stage productions throughout school including theatrical productions at Yale University. He graduated from Yale in 1974 with a degree in English, and appeared in his first film role in 1982. His film credits are extensive, but he's perhaps most well know for the role he created as Choptop in the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. He did vocals on the songs 'I Come in Peace' and 'Onions Unleashed' on the 'Giant Robot' album, the 'Monsters and Robots' version of 'Jowls', and provides both the lyrics and vocals for the Cornbugs.
Mike Patton Mike Patton
Born January 27th, 1968 in Arcata, California, Mike Patton is one of Humboldt County's finest exports. It was here that Mike formed the group Mr. Bungle, and soon moved to the San Francisco bay area to pursue a musical career in a real city. He later joined Faith No More, gained a worldwide fan base, and has since sung with The Fantomas, Peeping Tom, Tomahawk, and Moonraker, with Buckethead.
Throatrake Throatrake
Throatrake does guest vocals on several tracks on Buckethead's records, and is credited with co-writing songs. He makes several appearance in the Binge Clips videos, and has appeared as a guest vocalist for live shows. He has also recorded with his own bands Man is the Bastard and Bastard Noise, as well as various other collaborations. Vocalist, lyricist, bass guitar player, performance artist, and the inventor of the Texas Wheel.
Iggy Pop Iggy Pop
Born James Newell Osterberg on April 21st, 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan. Singer, songwriter, and the "Godfather of Punk," Iggy Pop live events have long been a legend in the music industry. He first joined a band while in high school in 1964, The Iguanas. After that, he did a brief stint with the Prime Movers, then left to form his own the band The Stooges in 1967 and performed with them until 1973. When The Stooges broke up Iggy pursued a solo musical career, with friend David Bowie producing several of his early albums. In the 90's he also began his film career, making numerous movie and tv appearances. He was nominated for a MTV Video Music Award for Best Video for 'Lust For Life' from the film 'Trainspotting.' Iggy lends his voice to a few tracks on the 'Giant Robot' album.
John Hassell Jon Hassell
Born March 22, 1937 in Memphis, Tennessee. He earned degrees in music at the Eastman School of Music and Catholic University, and studied with Karlheinz Stockhausen in Europe. In the '60s he performed and recorded with LaMonte Young and Terry Riley, and also began composing his own music. Since 1972 he studied classical Indian music, adapted vocal techniques to the trumpet, and developed a new style of playing which forms the basis of the musical setting he describes as "Fourth World--a unified primitive/futuristic sound combining features of world ethnic styles with advanced electronic techniques." He has collaborated with and performed on recordings by Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, the Talking Heads, written the scores for several theater works, tours with his own ensemble, and often works with musicians from other musical cultures. Buckethead plays on his 'Dressing for Pleasure' album.
Bernie Worrell Bernie Worrell
Born April 19th, 1944 in Long Beach, NJ. Master keyboardist and composer, he began playing the piano at the age of three, gave his first concert at four, and wrote his first concerto when he was eight years old. Classically trained at the New England Conservatory of Music and the Juliard School of Music, he then went on to become one of the founding members of Parliament-Funkadelic. He's worked with many other artists including The Rolling Stones, The Pretenders, Soul Asylum, Jody Watley, and the Talking Heads, as well as having co-written several movie soundtracks. He was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on May 6, 1997. He plays on the Praxis album 'Transmutation', contibuted the song 'Crossing' to the second Praxis album, 'Sacrifist', a song for 'Axiom Ambient: Lost in the Translation,' and also played on Bootsy's 'Zillatron' album. Buckethead plays on two of Bernie's albums, 'Pieces of Woo: The Other Side' and 'Free Agent: A Spaced Odyssey.' Bernie is also a member of Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains.
John Zorn John Zorn
Born September 2nd, 1953 in New York, NY. Composer and saxaphone player, he combines the traditions of jazz, rock and classical music in his work. A founding member of Naked City, he's known for his highly experimental approach to music. His compositions have included performance art, making the visual aspects of the piece just as important as the musical aspects. Much of his work has been about championing unconventional types of music. Since '95, he's been the executive producer of Tzadik, a record label he founded to give avant-garde and experimental artists a chance to be heard. He invited Buckethead to the Company Week improv festival, which resulted in the Company '91 albums, and joined Buckethead and pals on Praxis' second album, 'Sacrifist.' The 'Bucketheadland' album was released on Zorn's Avant label.
Dr. Ware and Butthouse Ben Wa
Ben Wa released their album 'Devil Dub' in 1998. Credits include Buckethead, DJ Disk, Brain, M.I.R.V., Adrian Isabell, Dr. Ware, Butthouse, Dow W. Patten.
Cornbugs Cornbugs
The Cornbugs are a combination of Buckethead on guitar and the lyrical stylings of Bill "Choptop" Moseley, with guest appearances by Pinchface on the drums. They've released four albums so far, and their fifth album 'Donkey Town' is scheduled for release in the fall of 2004 with a special collectors box set to follow.
Deli Creeps Deli Creeps
Buckethead's first band, the Deli Creeps, got together in Southern California in the early 90's and soon moved to the San Francisco bay area where they gained a loyal following. Since first getting together they have recorded several demo tapes, and the first Deli Creeps album will eventually be released. The original Deli Creeps are Maximum Bob on vocals, Buckethead, Pinchface on drums, and Tony on bass.
El Stew El Stew
Brain, DJ Eddie Def, Buckethead, DJ Disk, and producer DJ Extrakd are the ingredients of El Stew. They released their first album, 'No Hesitation' in 1997, as well as a 10" EP of several songs and a live disc called 'The Rehearsal.'
Guns 'n Roses Guns n' Roses
Formed in Hollywood in 1985, Guns n' Roses became one of the biggest selling bands of that era. Although commercially very successful, there were extensive personnel changes and trouble among the band, and they stopped performing in 1994. An attempt was made in 2001 to revive the band, and Buckethead put in a brief stint touring with the new GnR. Attempts to resurrect the band were unsuccessful, and he has since gone back to recording his own music and touring with other bands.

Praxis Praxis
A supergroup formed in 1992 consisting of Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Brain, and Buckethead. Praxis has released 'Transmutation', 'Metatron', 'Transmutation Live', and 'Warzsawa.'
Primus Primus
Buckethead toured with and opened for Primus during their AntiPop Tour. Les Claypool of Primus contributed to the 'Monsters and Robots' album, and Brain, a former member of Primus, has worked extensively with Buckethead since the early 90's.

Henry Kaiser Henry Kaiser
Born in Oakland, California on September 19, 1952. A trailblazing and innovative guitarist and producer, he has appeared on more than 140 albums and toured extensively throughout his career. In addition to touring, recording, and producing, he has also created guitar instructional videos, and is a member of the advisory board of Guitar Player Magazine. Buckethead plays on the track 'High School Hellcats' from Henry's 'Hope You Like Our New Direction' album, released in 1991.
Mike Keneally Mike Keneally
Born December 20, 1961 in Long Island, New York. After taking up guitar at the age of 10 after hearing a Frank Zappa record, he spent the next decade in musical experimentation and was hired as guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist in Zappa's touring band in 1987. He later toured and recorded with the Dweezil Zappa band until 1996, and has produced his own solo work since the early 90's. He recorded and toured with the Steve Vai band as part of G3, as well as having worked with Robert Fripp, Sting, XTC, Kevin Gilbert, The Loud Family, Michael Manring, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Andy Prieboy, and The Persuasions. His own band projects include Beer for Dolphins and The Mistakes.
Shawn Lane Shawn Lane
Born on March 22, 1963 in Memphis, Tennessee. He started playing professionally in clubs and making recordings at 12, joined the band Black Oak Arkansas at age 14, toured extensively, and worked as
a Memphis session player. His demos and recordings spread through the underground cassette tape copying network, and he was a worldwide celebrity among guitar players before having ever released
a record. He's written columns in guitar magazines, made guitar instructional videos, produced records, and was involved in teaching and developing curriculum's for conservatories in Europe. Between '86 and '89 he headed his own band The Willy's, and recorded his solo album 'Powers of Ten' in 1991. Shawn died in his hometown of Memphis on September 26th, 2003, at the age of forty.
Hakim Bey Hakim Bey
Poetic terrorist, ontological anarchist, philosopher. His work departs academic tradition, rediscovers mystery and magic as a way to bring joy to life and defeat boredom, and creates a radical rethinking of freedom which reverberates throughout Industrial culture. He is in favor of individuals or groups of individuals creating their own values based on their own beliefs rather than what tradition, media, and cultural standards dictate. The album 'Temporary Autonomous Zone' reflects this philosophy.
Dave McKean Dave McKean
Born in England in 1963, he is a prolific, talented, and award winning multimedia graphic artist. His work has appeared in exclusive galleries, magazines, books, comic books, cd covers, and a tarot deck. He designed the cover art for 'Monsters and Robots' and 'Day of the Robot,' as well as 'Dreamatorium' and 'Disembodied.' His art is featured in 'A Comic Book Presentation of the World of Buckethead', and he also produced the video 'The Ballad of Buckethead' which was nominated for a Bammy.
Julian Schnabel Julian Schnabel
Born in Brooklyn NY, Julian Schnabel is a world renowned pop art sculptor and painter known for his oversized canvasses. He made the transition to screenwriter and director with the biopic "Basquiat" in 1996, based on the life of his friend and fellow contemporary in the New York pop art scene. Julian, Stella, and Vito Schnabel have speaking parts on the 'Giant Robot' CD, and Buckethead appears on Julian's album 'Every Silver Lining has a Cloud.'
Viggo Mortenson Viggo Mortensen
Born October 20, 1958 in Manhattan, NY. He is an accomplished poet, photographer, and painter, as well as a critically acclaimed actor who has appeared in over 30 movies. The Danish-American actor won the Lord of the Rings lottery to play the role of Aragorn in the film. Buckethead has contributed to three of Viggo's albums, 'The Other Parade', 'One Less Thing to Worry About', and 'One Man's Meat.' Viggo and Buckethead collaborated on the 'Pandemonium from America' CD.
DJ Disk DJ Disk
DJ Disk aka Phonopsychograph Disk aka Shigger Fragger. An original member of the famed Rock Steady Crew and the Invisibl Skratch Picklz. Revered throughout the hip hop community for his innovative scratching and producing skills, Disk has appeared on numerous albums, and in 1998 he toured with Primus as their official DJ. Along with Buckethead he's performed and recorded with
Praxis, Giant Robot II, El Stew, and MCM and the Monster. Buckethead is featured on Disk's solo CD 'Ancient Termites.'
Eddie Def Eddie Def
A founding member of the first scratch crew in the Bay Area, the Bullet Proof Scratch Hampsters, and later the Bullet Proof Space Travelers, Eddie Def is a meticulous scratcher and DJ "obsessed with making music that is without limits..."shit that goes all over the universe." A musician so ingenious that a professional mixing device was named for his group, the Hampster Switch. He was highlighted in the Om Records Deep Concentration 1999 national tour. Also one of the members of El Stew.
Extrakd Extrakd
An accomplished drummer, bassist, and DJ, Extrakd has performed with numerous punk and hip hop groups, including The Lost Tribe, T.H.T.S.L.E.E., and Jam Republic. A member of El Stew, he also produced a couple of tracks on the 'Monsters and Robots' album. He's the co-owner of Tyrell Studios in Oakland, California, and Gonervill Records.
AF Next Man Flip AF Next Man Flip
Also known as Afrika Baby Bam of the Jungle Brothers, of which he is a founding member. First appeared on the NYC hip hop scene in '88 with 'Straight Out The Jungle,' an album that created
a new musical genre, hip house. He contributed to the Praxis 'Transmutation' and Axiom Funk 'Funkcronomicon' albums.
Will Ackerman Will Ackerman
Will began playing guitar at the age of 12. He composed guitar music for Stanford University theater productions, and the encouragement of friends led him to record an album of his tunes, 'The Search for the Turtle's Navel' in 1976. He dropped out of college to become a carpenter, naming his first company Windham Hill Builders. The album was surprisingly successful, and Ackerman found himself in the music business. Since then he has continued to record his own albums, produce Windham Hill albums for other artists, and serve in various capacities in the record company. Although he stepped down as CEO in '86 and has long since sickened of the "new-age" tag, he has had more to do with the rise of acoustic based instrumental music in the '70s and '80s than anyone else. Buckethead worked on his 'The Opening of Doors' album, which was released in 1992.
Travis Dickerson Travis Dickerson
Producer, keyboardist, and owner of TDRS Music, Travis has produced and played on albums by a wide variety of artists including Viggo Mortensen, X, and The Plimsouls. He has played on, engineered, and produced quite a number of Buckethead projects so far, and will be continuing to do so.
Michael Kamen Michael Kamen
Born April 15, 1948 in New York. Composer, conductor, arranger, and musical director. Early in his career he formed the New York Rock and Roll Ensemble, and soon was introduced to composing and arranging by Leonard Bernstein. He wrote over 70 film and television scores, 10 ballets, and received 2 Oscar nominations, 2 Golden Globe awards, 4 Grammys, and an Emmy. He also composed music for La Scala Opera Company, and worked with such people as Herbie Hancock, Eric Clapton, David Sanborn, the Eurythmics, Terry Gilliam, David Bowie, and Sting, did the arrangements for Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', and conducted his arrangements which combined Metallica with a symphony orchestra, resulting in a multi-platinum album. Along with actor Richard Dreyfuss, he established a non-profit organization dedicated to providing musical instruments to needy students. He died in 2003, at the age of 55.
Ramy Antoun Ramy Antoun
Born in Egypt and raised in Southern California, he has recorded with artists such as Pat Benatar, Mohammed Wardi, Shani, Summercamp, and The Nuit Band. He played drums on the Thanatopsis album, and may be working with Buckethead on future projects as well.
Jerome 'Bigfoot' Brailey Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey
Drummer, producer, and composer. After having played with the Stairsteps and the Chambers Brothers, he joined P-Funk in 1975. Within a few years, he left and formed the group Mutiny, which released their first album in 1979. He also formed another group, Quazar, played with the Unifics, and worked with Herbie Hancock, Buddy Miles, and Keith Richards among others. In 1993 Jerome was contacted by George Clinton who asked him to play with the P-Funk Allstars, and in 1997 he along with other members of Parliament-Funkadelic were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. He played drums on the 'Giant Robot' album.
Anton Fier Anton Fier
Born June 20, 1956 in Cleveland, Ohio. Drummer, producer. First joined The Feelies in '78, later the Lounge Lizards, Pere Ubu, then founded the Golden Palominos in '81. Bill Laswell, Nicky Skopelitis, John Zorn, Yoko Ono, Herbie Hancock, Laurie Anderson, and Los Lobos are just some of the folks he's worked with. In '94, he released his solo debut album, 'Dreamspeed, which Buckethead appears on.
Brain Brian "Brain" Mantia
Brain was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He studied classical snare drum at San Jose State University, and attended the Percussion Institute of Technology. His reputation grew in the late '80s with his membership in the Limbomaniacs, whose album 'Stinky Grooves' was being produced by Bill Laswell when he met Buckethead. After introducing Buckethead and Bill Laswell, the group Praxis was soon formed. He's played with Praxis, Primus, El Stew, No Forcefield, and done session work with a wide variety of artists. He's also worked on the soundtrack for the film "Mortal Kombat", composed ads for Disney and Sega, and is the co-founder of Gonervill Records. His work with Buckethead has been extensive, and has most recently been playing with him in the bands Giant Robot and Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains.
Pinchface Pinchface
The drummer for the Deli Creeps, Giant Robot II, and the Cornbugs. He's also played on a variety of other Buckethead projects, and is prominently featured throughout the Binge Clips videos.

Michael Shrieve Michael Shrieve
Born July 6, 1949 in San Francisco. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer. He joined Santana in '69, and in the mid '70s left to work on other projects .As the original drummer for Santana, at nineteen he was the youngest performer at Woodstock. Some of the other folks he's recorded with are The Rolling Stones, Pete Townshend, Jaco Pastorius, John McLaughlin, Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane, Bill Frisell, and Peter Tosh, as well as working on several film soundtracks. In '88, he rejoined Santana for a tour, and in '94 played with Abraxas. He worked with Buckethead on the 'Octave of the Holy Innocents' album.
Tony Williams Tony Williams
Born December 12, 1945, in Chicago. He joined the Miles Davis Quintet at the age of 17 and was a member until '69, becoming a household name in the jazz world. He not only mastered jazz drumming, but took it to the next level. Many consider him to be the first "fusion" drummer. Tony also played with John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Stanley Clarke, and Allan Holdsworth, among others. He became involved with composition, stuck to freelancing for a time, and toured with Herbie Hancock's V.S.O.P. band. By the mid '80s he was heading his own all-star quintet which he played with until '95. He died unexpectedly in 1997 of a heart attack, after routine surgery. Buckethead appears on the Arcana 'Arc of the Testimony' album with Tony.