Gypsy Tea Room - Dallas, TX, March 4, 2006
Buckethead, Del Rey Brewer, Pinchface
(opening act - Kid Beyond)

A few words about crowds at Texas shows: they usually suck. They have an attitude that goddammit they paid their money and this better be worth it. It's all about give me give me give me and very little appreciation for what they have an opportunity to see. All those people who complain about why Buck never goes to Texas (before now), this is WHY! There were plenty of "Those" guys in the audience and lots of pushing and shoving, a mosh pit for a short while, and an occasional crowd surfer. I don't mind this stuff too much but it got alot worse at the end of the show... Not everyone in the crowd was an ass; I dont mean to stereotype all rock fans in Texas; but there were enough assholes there to make everyone else look bad.

The good stuff!: the show absolutely rocked. Kid Beyond came out first for about 45 minutes. I didnt know what to expect but was surprised. This guy is very talented and creative. He also is no kid. I'd say he's about 30. He basically is a one man show. He beatboxes and uses his voice and any sound his head nose and throat can make to construct complicated layers of techno drum and bass dub type music. He makes a sound, samples it, loops it, and adds more sounds until he has a whole band going. The guy actually sang a duet with himself. He can do multiple vocal (lyrical) tracks, bass lines, guitar parts, scratching and turntable sounds, drums and all kinds off effects...all using his voice and manmade sounds. Very cool shit.

Buckethead tore the place up. He played all the shit you expect to hear even though it is not on the setlist. Star Wars, Pirate's life, Row your boat, etc. He was loud. I can barely hear today. I was right up on the stage with no barricade 2 ft from Buck the whole show.

More good news: Left_is_Right was standing next to me video taping the show. Expect copies coming to a "theatre" near you soon. From what I saw the video footage turned out great...choice shots of Buck playing, and some good group shots, the BH painting on the wall of the venue, pedal set up, set list, crowd shots, and also co-starring our buddy HASTUR as Yoda, the Bucketheadland newsman (HASTUR got a little tipsy and decided to wear the Yoda hand puppet that he was giving BH, as a hat). Unfortunately the battery ran out before the end of the second to last song of the night, but it is damn near complete.

There were some minor problems with the vocal mikes being to low; Dan's vocals on Wonder Boy were hard to hear; but there was no problem hearing the guitar! I also got another toy, a Groovy Girls mini portable poseable doll. Yipee! Yes folks, I have a cute little girls doll in a pink box proudly sitting next to my Lord of the Rings set on my cd cabinet. Very manly.

At one point Buckethead went to kick the bald head puppet of the top of his amp cabinet and missed. He ended up kicking the whole cabinet over, and Pinch and Dan Monti had to scurry behind the stage area to pick it up and put it back in place. Buck never stopped playing.

After the band walked off the stage for the final time, the lack of a barricade proved to be a bad thing, as some in the crowd felt that getting there heads torn open and there brains splattered into sonic ecstacy was just not enough. Lefty grabbed the set list which had been in front of us the whole night and gave it to me, which I still have and will keep. I hope and dont think this was wrong to do; we didnt even have to move or lean over to get it. But then one girl decided to jump on stage grab a pick that BH dropped toward the back of the stage. Then another girl went for a second pick. Then another decided she would help herself to one of Nun-Chuks BH had left on stage, so she grabbed them and dove back into the arms of her boyfriend in the crowd. Then some guy jumps up on stage, and finally someone from security nails him before he can get to Herbie (I dont know what the kid was going for). Yet another chick jumps up there whiel the kid is restrained and tries to make off with the second pair of Nun-Chuks, but gets caught before she can get back in the crowd. I was appalled at these jerks stealing his nun-chuks. As I was making my back to the merch table, I saw security jump into the crowd. Apparently they saw the boyfriend of the girl who got away with the first set of chuks, who now had them, and were proceeding to reclaim the chuks chants of "Kick his Ass!" Time for me to go!

All in all it was a great show though. On the drive back to Norman I watched a little of the video Lefty shot (we had small back up battery in the car) and I am stoked at the possible results. Don't worry it will get circulated when we can get it transferred to dvd. ~ BeelzeBOB

set 1:
Toy Store
Gory Head Stump
H Mansion
Post Office
Frozen Brains

set 2:
Kid Beyond
Stick Pit
Cuckoo Clocks (jam outro)
Crash Test
Turbine (Rage)
Crash Test
Stone Free
New Song

Tenacious D
Speed Metal
official set list:
bands set list

official set list and review provided by BeelzeBOB
show videotaped by Left_Is_Right

free copies of this show will soon be available on audio CD, VHS, or DVD