Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA, February 25, 2006
Buckethead, Del Rey Brewer, Pinchface
(opening act - Kid Beyond)

This was possibly the best show yet... Maybe not quite as tight as the Santa Cruz show towards the end but some pretty awesome highlights, including Buckethead jamming with Kid Beyond and Kid joining the band for Frozen Brains (definitely a highlight... but next time turn Kid up in the mix!)... Plus some strange man-giraffe chilling on stage for pretty much the whole show, who busted out some crazy capoeira shit towards the end of first set! Pretty similar setlist to the last few nights, although all mixed up... For the encore it was Foxy Lady>Who Knows>Machine Gun with Buckethead playing a bunch of feedback and leaving his guitar on stage while Pinchie and Del Ray counted off the rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat's... Several people recording audio and video so boots should turn up... ~ santacruzbot

review provided by santacruzbot

photos by Chicken_ boy

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