The Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA, February 24, 2006
Buckethead, Del Rey Brewer, Pinchface
(opening act - Kid Beyond)

Just got back from tonight's installment of the Buckethead World Domination Tour. Bucket played tonight to a totally packed Catalyst. New additions to the setlist included Frozen Brains and Computer Master. What I've been calling Gorey Head Stump is actually Hook and Pole Gang I believe...Sorry! They played this new speed metal-ish song that I think they played last night in Petaloomie too but it was wicked sloppy...tonight it was super tight. They also played Fountains of the Forgotten tonight and last night, maybe Sacramento as well. They played the best, longest (2.5 hrs+) set of the three I've been too yet. They played another Holding Funnel and a nice, long Who Knows (much more fleshed out than the teases that were played during Slaw the last two shows). Another Stone Free too...Listening to the words for that one made me reflect tonight on what a great theme song it is for Buckethead... "Just can't be tied down..." They also played the song that was labeled "Cannibal Holocaust" on the mp3 version of the Magic Bag show from the last go round. Tonight's show was well documented. Audio and video shoud surface soon. ~ santacruzbot

I just got back in myself, that was an awesome show! I can't believe how long they played, from about 10:15 pm to 1:00 am. I was standing against the wall the entire show so I had a great view. A ton of solos, theatrics, etc. There’s probably more that I’m missing too. Overall one of the best shows I've seen, definately the longest. A little more mellow and bluesier than the 2004 tour but every bit as good. I definitely got my $13.00 worth! Also Santa Cruz is a kickass town, lots of cool people around and at the show. Here’s a rough setlist that I can remember if anyone’s interested, not in any particular order. ~ Minor6

Revenge Of The Double-Man
Jordan (Not sure of the name)
Computer Master
Buckethead's Toy Store
Post Office Buddy
I think “Baseball Furies” from the new Elephant Man CD
Jowls - solo
Hook & Pole Gang
Pirate Life
Want Some Slaw
Hendrix's Stone Free
Holding Funnel
Crash Victim
Stick Pit
Night Of The Slunk - solo
Nottingham Lace
Welcome To Bucketheadland
1 or 2 songs from Cuckoo Clocks, or more of Elephant Man, not really sure.

reviews and set list provided by santacruzbot and Minor6

photos by Girafa