McNear's Mystic Theatre - Petaluma, CA, February 23, 2006
Buckethead, Del Rey Brewer, Pinchface
(opening act - Kid Beyond)

Whew...! Another killer show tonight...Pretty similar to Sacramento with a couple of new things. Notably, they played an awesome version of Hendrix' "Stone Free" for the final encore with Del Ray well as Foxy Lady, Machine Gun, and earlier during Slaw some Who Knows. They worked up a tease of "Bomb Track" by Rage Against the Machine that they played during Turbine...They played Revenge of the Double Man, which I forgot to mention was also played in Sacramento. Also forgot to mention Pinchface's kick ass atonal recorder solo (on glow in the dark recorder!) at Sac, which was repeated tonight. He also played "Beware the Holding Funnel" from Cobra Strike 2... Don't know if that one's ever been played before. He had the ghost beanie baby we gave him the other night up there on his amp, and we gave him a book of ultra creepy cut out monster masks. He seemed to like it. Got a Mace Windu action figure with a grappling hook and light up lightsaber...Pretty sweet. ~ santacruzbot

Yeah, Petaluma was raging! I was dead center in front of his Marshall cab through the first half of the set. It fuckin' ruled! I did notice him trippin' on that monster book you gave him! The sound was great in there...LOUD, but not too loud. That's cool you caught the Cobra Strike, I didn't catch that, but he did pull alot of unexpected stuff out of his Bucket. I had an extra ticket, and ended up giving it away to some dude out front after the show had sold out. I made his night, the dude was fully stoked. Man, what a fun that night was. ~ cheapsk8

reviews provided by santacruzbot and cheapsk8

photos by Girafa