Harlow's - Sacramenta, CA, February 21, 2006
Buckethead, Del Rey Brewer, Pinchface

Just got back to Santa Cruz after witnessing an amazing binge up in Sactown tonight...Bucket rocked some new wedges as well as some old chestnuts ("Buckethead's Toy Store," "Post Office Buddy"). We also got a Tenacious D cover (sung by Del Ray), and an epic Jordan>Crash Victim>Funk Jam>EPIC Turbine with all kinds of teases>Crash Victim>Jordan. Also there's a new tour only wedge, "The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock" with such instant classis tracks as "Lurker at the Threshold Parts 1-4" and "Oakridge Cake (Tribute to Kool Keith)."

Without a doubt the funkiest Gorey Head Stump ever was played during the first set. Pinchface did his Sling Blade thing and Karaoke to some country song, as well as a "song" called "WOW" which featured a goofy demented circus sounding guitar and Pinchface screaming "WOW" repeatedly. I don't know the title of the Tenacious D song that was played but there was a lyric about "Wonder Boy"... Everybody there seemed to know the words. Can't say enough good things about the couple of new wedges we heard last night. Totally brain splatteringly awesome. A little "Who Knows" was played during the show-opening "Slaw," and "Foxy Lady" toward the end of the set. No acoustic or banjo binge and no opening act either. Plenty cool toys were distributed. Mrs. Santacruzbot got a "flower magnet painting" kit. Bucket had his Pep Boys Bucket up there and I think the smaller (12"?) Giant Robot that Spencer gave him..? My ears are still ringing even though I wore ear plugs all night...Shit was LOUD. Other songs that were played included: Slaw, Botnus, Nottingham Lace, Welcome to Bucketheadland, Stick Pit, White Wash, Spokes, Hog Bitch Stomp, Mr. Sandman, Pure Imagination, This is Halloween, Jowls, Night of the Slunk...A few that I am forgetting I'm sure.. ~ santacruzbot

review provided by santacruzbot