The Stone - San Francisco, CA, October 19, 1991
Buckethead, Maximum Bob, Tony, Pinchface

by Joel Selvin

After breaking up earlier this year, the Deli Creeps have reformed, including guitarist Buckethead, and will return to the stage October 19 at the Stone. When Rolling Stone asked Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton who his favorite unknown band was, he cited the Deli Creeps.

"They're kind of like big fat butcher meathead 'Texas Chainsaw' spoof rock," Patton told Rolling Stone. "They got this Juan Jeremy porn-reject goofball drummer, a fat scum bass player, this huge butcher singer and this real tall, lanky guitar player who moves like a robot and wears this clear, white mask. He's an unbelievable guitar player -- his name is Buckethead." .

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September 14, 1991, Saturday Final Edition